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A relationship is like a plant it needs the truth (water) to grow and survive; so each time we starve it with lies we are killing our relationship. And to be honest most young people tell lies……

Understanding Dating and Relationship?

The young mind wonders when is the right time to have a relationship. What is your understanding of Dating and Relationship?

Firstly we will try to understand what Relationship means and know what influences the minds of the young to go into one. The definition of a relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

There are many types of relationship a person can have; friendship, family and lovers. All these relationships are important but in today’s world the most important relationship to young people is the lovers’ relationship. It has become the “norm” to see a couple who are barely 15 years old, holding hands walking down the street.

We all love our family and friends, but most time because our friends are in a relationship we want to be in one too. This is just my personal opinion. And now with technology we are more clued in. We know who the hottest couple on the scene is. This doesn’t help the young mind, it gets us thinking that why don’t we have this and so we go in search for it. And sometimes we just happen to find it in the wrong place.

When can you be in a Relationship?

I can’t say there’s a precise time when we start looking to date but I think it’s when our young minds begin to develop and notice the opposite sex, which most of the time is around 13-14. This is just an estimate though.

To tell you the truth I can’t say that many young people understand what it really means to be in a relationship. We know what going on dates mean but the term dating which is really just another word for relationships we don’t understand.

Dating (for those who don’t know) is when a boy takes a girl out; they could go to dinner or a movie or both. But to be dating someone that’s hard work, it’s a full time job even when you are not in the same room. We have to listen to them, care about them and be honest because you can’t build a relationship on lies.

A relationship is like a plant it needs the truth (water) to grow and survive; so each time we starve it with lies we are killing our relationship. And to be honest most young people tell lies……Don’t look at me like that you know I’m right. Yes the tiny white lies count. Boy’s lies to the girls they like and so do girls.

A boy ask a girl what she’s up to and she says she’s in the kitchen making food but really she’s on her bed. The girl asks what the boy’s doing and he says he’s working out but he’s playing his Xbox. It’s all ‘bs’. This is our way of impressing the opposite sex. A true relationship is when you can tell each other everything, no secrets no lies; even the most silliest of things.

Factors to a Relationship

There are many factors to a relationship. Is it healthy? Is there communication? Is there equality, support and honesty?

I’ve already mentioned, trust which goes hand in hand with honesty, respect and are you separate people. All these are essential in every relationship. But when you are young you’re so excited that you don’t check if all the factors are there.

Young people don’t realize how hard it is to be in a relationship. You become responsible for how this person feels when they are with or talking to you. You have to be fully honest and at the same time try not to hurt their feelings. And also when some people get into relationship they lose who they are, there needs to be compromise. If you feel like you are half the person you were before the relationship then really you aren’t in a relationship. It’s just one person calling all the shots.

This is just my opinion but you know I’ve kinda got my facts straight  😉    😛

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