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Tunde Esho’s New Andriod App

Tunde EshoTunde Esho, a Musician/Producer of great repute is in the news once again.

This time Tunde Esho‘s has burst the bubble with his new Android App!!!

To herald the entrance of the New Android App to the Google Play Store, Tunde Esho is giving his fans chances to win Prizes in a competition.


When you download my app, leave a comment in the Google Play Store and a winner will be picked randomly. Winner gets 2 free tickets to the next concert and also featured in a music video.”

Just hot off the Press!!! Here’s the link to the app >>>>> Tunde Esho Android App.

A bit about Tunde Esho

Born on January 7, 1991, Tunde Esho lived in a house jam packed with music so much that at the age of 5 he was thrown into the choir in the church and in primary school. His aunties and uncles who were all interested in music also helped shape Tunde as an artist and a person.

Tunde started taking music seriously after turning 15 but went into Gangsta Rap, which was popular at the time. At this time his father was the Pastor of a Church. At this stage in his life, he was living two lives, a Christian at home in front of his family and a thug when with his friends. This went on for two years. During that period he hooked up with a few boys, they started a rap group and called themselves “The Bandits”, they made a couple of songs together and he also released a solo mixtape. In the summer of 2008 he went to a CAC crusade with his church in Dublin, Ireland and that was where he rededicated his life to Christ. A few weeks later he left the group and left music until the next summer.

In July 2009 Tunde came back into the music scene and this time around he was talking about his relationship with God and the struggles he has been facing in his life.On the 29th of November 2009, he released a mixtape titled “Stronger” which was up for free download. In that same year he featured on Chris Kabs debut album, “Conversation” on the song “My Days” and also Gospo Remix’s sophomore album “Goin Gospo” on the song “Happy Day”.

The highlight of 2009 was performing at the Megafest with artists like Sonnie Badu, Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu and many more. Since that time he has since released several promo songs and performed in a lot of places around Ireland.

On the 4th of September 2010, the EP titled “Stand Out” was released to the public and has been getting good reviews ever since with the biggest songs being “Saved by the Blood” and “Go Mad”.

Since then Tunde Esho has toured Ireland on the Stand Out tour, going to places like, Limerick, Wexford, Athlone, Bray and also doing a live show in Dublin. His EP is making a positive impact on his community and worldwide. 2011 saw Tunde be known more for producing. Building up his résumé by producing for artists in Ireland, on singles and on albums. 2011 was also the year that artist/producer beat the likes of Allen Taylor and Chris Kabs for the Best Male Gospel.

Having produced for many artists such as Vickee, Praise, Natural B, Lilly, Tunde has built up a discography of over 100 produced and written songs and also share the stage with artists such as, Deitrick Haddon, Michelle Bonilla, Guvna B and Manafest.

Tunde Esho’s Awards Include:

  • Camfest (2010)
  • IAMA Nominee (2011)
  • Gospel Music Award (2011)

Tunde Esho – ‘Stand Out’ OUT NOW on iTunes

Tunde Esho Fun Facts:

  • Known as Tre for the first few years of his career.
  • Produces his music by himself.
  • Has never watched Titanic.


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