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Letter to girls by Tona Akerele

A Letter to All Girls, Ladies, and Married Women – Tona Akerele

Close your legs. Walk like a lady. Go to the kitchen. These are just a handful of comments girls experience. Some may say that all these lines are sexist, and others may say that they’re vital. I say that they are neither. Amongst those two extremes, I am in-between.

  • Who invented the “walk” that all women have to follow?
  • If nothing is showing why should I close my legs?
  • Yes, I love to cook– but why does it have to be seen as my duty to know every single recipe?

Girls are complicated.

Girls are complicated, yet simple, if you get what I mean. I’m still waiting on the day my whole family is sitting together and my brother gets told to cook. My mom says it’s important for marriage, I say no woman wants a liability. I do not plan on being a housewife, and for all other ambitious girls, I expect the same.

What happens when I travel and he is home with the kids? Will I have to arrange for food to be sent, or will they just be eating take-out everyday? I wonder. I also do not expect my husband to be the only breadwinner. Yes we are one. Yes what’s his is what’s mine. But it is embarrassing and quite a shame when women are so dependent on their husbands for money.

Think about it. Everything you want to buy, from ice cream to clothes, you have to ask for it just the way you would ask your mom if you could get that really cool toy in the store. If he’s good, you will most likely get it, the thing is that not everybody is good. Instead of your discussions about expenses to be a two-sided conversation, it will turn into you asking and him having the power to say no.

Why? Because no matter how kind a person is, nobody likes it when others take credit for their work. If you do happen to marry an extremely traditional man and it works out fine, then I say go for it. However, most of the time, men just don’t know what they want.

Especially in this day and age, don’t start complaining when he compares you to George’s wife, or Yemi’s wife who are able bring money into the home and keep up with the house. You feel like your husband doesn’t respect you despite what you do? Get a job and he will.

Dear Girls, What’s the deal with boys?

Here we are going to talk about that topic that every Teenager dreds of. Yes let’s look at what Boys really want when they come so hard on you with their “love Stories”.

We will also be looking at some of the Seven phases before a man (Teenager) falls in love. But first, head over to Should You as a Teenager be dating?” and enjoy the flow.

Girls, think about it this way; you’re too young to get married, so what happens once one of you is tired, your parents find out, or you get into a big fight. You just don’t have the conflict resolution skills to sort it out.

Should you be a young adult and dating?  Find out.

Please remember that your parents won’t be there to fix any problems you have once fights in your home start. Ladies, please be smart. Remember your morals. Abide by the Lord.

Girls, Ladies, and Married Women, I hope that after going through this letter, you will agree with me; looking after each other is the best option we’ve got.

God Bless

Tona Akerele

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Tona Akerele is a 15 year old student that has a passion for writing. She is involved in a lot of clubs such as Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. So far, she has traveled for all WAISAL (West African International School's League) trips. She is a member of The Student Council, and is the current president of NJHS (National Junior Honors Society). Tona Akerele enjoys helping others and has been involved in a lot of fundraisers such as the annual AIDS Run-Walk held at her school. Tona has also just recently began a Youtube channel that focuses mainly on natural hair but also involves a wide rang of topics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWP1s8tAA2rnDPMbPiVW9Q Tona is a young and aspiring writer that's focused not only on her academics but on the world around her as well.
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