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The Nigerian girl with the American Accent

To the Nigerian Girl with the American Accent

Hey lady, This is just a brief response to your video post on why you would never live in a country like Nigeria.

Well, first of all, I want to say Thank you for making me see my faults and Praise GOD!, now I know how my friends felt when they told me to stop thinking illful of Nigeria; (a star of shame for this achievement to yah) up until the moment I watched the video you posted, I thought the worst of Nigeria, but after the video, I think and would always think the best of Nigeria because the best is yet to come. So was I living in ignorance, Yes and so are you! at the moment. 

Oh and thanks again for making it possible for the rest of the 6 billion people (and counting) who have access to the internet to either laugh at your/my country or shake their head in pity for Nigeria, another star of shame for yah, oh also thanks for letting those that see Nigeria as a place of opportunity to drop their hopes in dismay as a result of watching your video; ……… hmmm another star of shame to yah,.. you must be a super star to acquire all these stars.

If Martin Luther stayed in Northern America and made videos about Racism in the southern America, yet never went there to make a difference, you wouldn’t be able to sit yourself down in America and get the liberty to put together the video you did. You probably wouldn’t even be in America as I write.

And well done for your American Accent achievement, you should receive an award. So well while Malala Yousafzai is collecting Noble peace award, stick you head in America and keep licking their a****… while you talk trash about Nigeria, you wise Nigerian, Sorry American wannabe!

P.S. I am a Nigerian girl and unlike you, I choose to be the 1 among the 7.5 million Nigerians that would make a change in my country… you can come back when I and other wise Nigerians have made the difference you chickened out off.

As a Youth, education is very important, not the quest for Youtube video views or publicity through the Social Media channels.

Thanks Again

Nigerian Girl with the Nigerian Accent.

Signing out: AOJ


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