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The Ultimate People Pleaser

You don’t need everyone to like you. You are a piece of art. Not everyone is going to see your beauty.

Ultimately, it’s YOUR opinion of yourself that matters, and if someone doesn’t like it, forget about them. Stop being a people-pleaser all the time, because when you go around pleasing everyone but yourself, you are the one that gets hurt.
Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. It’s their loss, not yours. So be careful not to give so much of yourself to others that you end up completely losing yourself. In the end you will know who truly loves you; they’re the ones who respect you for who you are, and no matter what, they stand by your side.
Surround yourself with these people. You are indefinable. You are the only one in this world who gets to say who you are. Circumstances and the opinions of others can only define you if you allow them to.
Do not give away your power and the magic of your essence by putting weight on negative situations in your life or the negative words of other people.

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