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The Silent Library

Video: The Silent Library: Laugh Till You Drop!

The Silent LibraryWelcome to the Silent Library: A place that is silent but promises that you will Laugh Till You Drop!

If you feel you are having a VERY VERY VERY bad day, wait until you see this game!

Please get a good belt to hold your stomach while you are laughing.

This video promises to take you out from a depressed move to a very lovely mood.

And hey, silence because this is done in a Library.

Some of the games that they played in this version are:

  • Outwitted
  • Bad smelled air
  • Slapping Machine
  • Huge Ballon
  • Hitted hip
  • Old Man Bites tenderly

It’s a promise from the presenters: “You Will Not Stop Laughing While Watching this Video

Hope you enjoyed it, Now please drop a comment below.

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