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Terms of Use

Our YoutBuzz competitions are aimed at young dynamic and talented people who are gifted in the area of imaginative thinking, whose imagination can be crafted and developed into short stories, memorable articles, How-to styled writing, descriptive writing etc.

We provide an avenue for forward thinkers to choose well selected topics, carry out diverse and effectively research on the topics, and produce mind-blowing articles.

Thus we at YoutBuzz Network provide a Unique platform for anyone interested in writing well researched articles to write-in, get published and promote their articles through their trusted Network of friends via the appropriate Social media Platforms and our own network of Readers and also earn variety of prizes for their handiwork.

Please take your time to read the following:

* Please Note that All Works, Articles, Stories etc. submitted either through Guest Blogging or through Our Competition submission channels MUST not be published on other website, Blogs or any of such until such time as the Author has been given the express permission to do so.

Unless otherwise stated, all Articles, Stories submitted to Our Network of Sites are considered the properties of such Sites, full acknowledgment of the Authorship would be expressly granted to such Authors, with appropriate back linking to their Website or Blogs.

We reserve the rights to remove, delete or modify these Rules as we deem fit without prior notice. So please always visit our Copyright Policy page, Privacy Policy Page, or Our Terms of Use page to avail yourself of these changes.

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