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Eliminate them Haters…

Eliminate dem Haters

Haters are people of shallow minds. They are with no moral background. Join Tona Akerele to know how to Identify and eliminate Haters in your life.

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We are Brainwashed Zombies..


Zombies are people who follow orders blindly without questioning the Source. Education sometimes help to bring out Zombies brainwashed by Society.

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The Seven Phases of Male Teenage Love

Phases before you fall in Love

When he tells you that he is in love with you, is it his head that is talking or his hormones? Tona Akerele tells us of the seven Phases before a man falls in Love.

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Should a Christian Teenager be dating?

Teenager and Dating

Should you be a young adult (Teenager) and dating? Find out what Tona Akerele has to say on this controversial topic.

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A Letter to All Girls, Ladies, and Married Women – Tona Akerele

Letter to girls by Tona Akerele

Girls are complicated, Girls are these and that, yet the Society expects loads from them. Find out Tona Akerele's thoughts on this.

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