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Video: Honda Illusions – An Impossible Made Possible!

Honda Illusions – An Impossible Made Possible!

In all the TV or Social Media Adverts, one company stands out tall among all its equals - The Honda. The following advert is from Honda, and it depicts the saying that "An Impossible Made Possible".

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PIN Vs Pong: Special Blackberry Messenger Users Announcement

Blackberry Messenger

Since the release of the Blackberry App for Android and iPhone, there have been lots of funny things coming up. YoutBuzz Community gathered that many people who are original users of the Blackberry phones are trying to boycott accepting or adding anyone who is not an Original Blackberry Phone (BBM) – Blackberry Messenger App User.

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To the Nigerian Girl with the American Accent

The Nigerian girl with the American Accent

Hey lady, This is just a brief response to your video post on why you would never live in a country like Nigeria. Well, first of all, I want to say Thank you for making me see my faults and Praise GOD!, now I know how my friends felt when they told me to stop thinking illful of Nigeria; (a star of shame for this achievement to yah) up until the moment I watched the video you posted, I thought the worst of Nigeria, but after the video, I think and would always think the best of Nigeria because the best is yet to come. So was I living in ignorance, Yes and so are you! at the moment. 

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