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Nigeria @ 53 – A Giant of Africa or Pretender of Africa?

Naija, naija… naija!!!… how incredible you are?.. you are probably the best at hiding things and pretending that you have nothing when you are the most blessed country in Africa. Why again are you called the Giant of Africa? no wait a minute; let’s change that to the Nigeria – the Pretender of Africa. So much you have got in you, yet so little you portray. GOD has given you great talent but you do not yield usury with it, but why?? Many Nigerians today are ashamed to say the statement “Happy Independence Day”. What is the point of an Independence if you were not going to make good use of it? what was the point of the killing and fighting, if our forefathers knew that the generation to come aren’t going to use it wisely. Like where is the legacy and the future? Every single civilian is looking for a way to run out of the country… more fraudulent ...

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