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WIN £70: YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition – January

YoutBuzz Competition

The YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition for January is here. You are given a chance to showcase your Intellectual Capacity in the area of writing Well Researched Articles and be in line to Win Great Prizes. Imagine if you were to land on a webpage and saw this lovely Article and the first few lines you read, you see “God this, God that, God is….” What comes to your mind? What goes through your mind? What does yourself tell you to do immediately? The truth is that as Young people, only a small percentage will go ahead and read through that Article. Others would just scroll down and find another link that seems much moderate/appropriate to their present mood. Yes I have done it, you have also done it countless of time. Don’t be shy, own up to your mistakes. I have done that and that’s why I am reaching out to you to do so too. As young people, how do ...

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