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Blackberry Messenger
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PIN Vs Pong: Special Blackberry Messenger Users Announcement

Blackberry MessangerSince the release of the Blackberry App for Android and iPhone, there have been lots of funny things coming up.

YoutBuzz Community gathered that many people who are original users of the Blackberry phones are trying to boycott accepting or adding anyone who is not an Original Blackberry Phone (BBM) – Blackberry Messenger App User.

This is one of the posts making the rounds on Facebook and other Social Media.

Special Blackberry Messenger Phone Users Announcement

We the “BLACKBERRY USERS ASSOCIATION” (BUA) have decided not to accept any PIN request from non-blackberry users!
If you like be using iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 we would not accept you Blackberry PIN Request (BPiNR!
If you must PING, go and buy a blackberry and enjoy like us!
Make tecno add tecno jare b4 dem go spoil person BBM, and turn BBM to 2Go.

For: Bad Belle Movement(BBM)

As if this wasn’t enough (Bad Belle), another post released and extracted from Firstlady Chizzy Ibebuike Ada-Biafra’s Facebook Wall Reads:

  • Anambra Girls Be like…….. “Is it tlue that andloid na emezi pinging?
  • Typical Owerri gurl be like “I maara shi fone android e pingi mana
  • Aba chics be like “nnaa mehn, is it true that android megazi pingin?”
  • Mbaise girls be like “imarala sa android phone ga pingi wa gbuo?
  • Feddy/QC gals b lyk: “is it true dat d wahrey fone is now Wahrevrin?”
  • Ngwa babes be like “obu la ezi la fonua adi ikpo android ndi ime pinging gbo“?


For all these Bad Belle, what’s your own take?

Does Blackberry Messenger (BBM) PING taste same on Blackberry and other phones?

What other funny stories of BBM and the Blackberry Family have you heard recently?

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