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Teenager and Dating

Should a Christian Teenager be dating?

Dear Teenagers / Teens, I am sure you are wondering what I am on about today with this topic. Well, as you may be aware, we have been discussing things that have to do with teenagers and their hormones, as they go through that wonderful phase of their lives.

I am sure you must have read my post on A Letter to All Girls, Ladies, and Married Women, to understand the detailed expectations that society expects from girls. We have also discussed “What Boys really want” when they come so hard on you with their “love stories”, which you will agree with me is the topic that every Teenager dreads of.

Today we will be taking a rather different approach to a topic that most Christians think that Teenagers should not be discussing at their age.

Teenager and Dating

Girls, think about it this way; as a Teenager, you’re too young to get married, so what happens once one of you is tired, your parents find out, or you get into a big fight. You just don’t have the conflict resolution skills to sort it out.

Should you be a young adult (Teenager) and dating? Yes. Despite the popular Christian belief that one should court, I believe that young adults should make a list of characteristic traits and start looking for their prospective husband.

This doesn’t mean that you should mess around though, but it does mean that you should get to know your prospective husband/wife one on one. It is best that your parents don’t know until you are sure that you’ve found “the one.” Carry your parents along of course, but don’t bring the person home until you are sure he/ she isn’t playing you.

Why? Because your parents aren’t the ones who will be spending the rest of their lives together with that person, you will. When their thoughts about whom they want you to be with get in the way of whom you like, you could end up unhappy in your marriage life.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to your parents’ advice– no, their advice is very important because it stops you from making mistakes. But please remember that your parents won’t be there to fix any problems you have once fights in your home start.

So in order for you to carry these responsibilities as a Young Adult, you must be mature enough to know the consequences of going over-board.

The life of a teenager is not easy, but you can ONLY get it right if and when you give your life to God through Jesus Christ, and genuinely follow His WILL in your Life.

Please remember that your parents won’t be there to fix any problems you have once fights in your home begin. Ladies, please be smart. Remember your morals. Abide by the Lord.

God Bless

Tona Akerele

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