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Insecurities and wounds of past Relationships

From the wounds of past relationships and current contacts, I bleed from battering given and received. As a child, I thought life was a fairy tale, when home got too hot as a teenager, I spent hours dreaming of a world where things were easier and Momma would realise how grown I was. Where I’d be able to call the shots and create my own heaven, I ran off to Uni. But that had its own trapping of challenges. I managed to scrape through, surely marriage would be a cocoon from all the emotional upheavals- an emotional bed of roses. But it turned out to be fumental boxing ring Sometimes with the referee securely bound with blames. In it I thought all my insecurities would fade, But there my little pride farewell I bade. I have had my confidence shattered by the very one who gave me all that mattered. In desperation I withdrew into the only haven I knew. ...

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The role of Looks in a Relationship


So, I hear people say that “looks” play a major role in being attracted to the opposite sex. They also say that “looks” is a huge factor in selecting who you spend the rest of your life with.

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Ladies, Its time to pamper Yourselves – By Ola Udensi


What’s wrong with us women doing stuff for our ourselves? You might see it as a feminist approach or being independent, but there’s nothing wrong with US doing stuff for US

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