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Quit the games

The Guy: All I want is look into your eyes and get lost in them

The Babe: Chuckles in delight. Heart fluttering with butterflies

The guy disappears for another 10 days no communication.

How can I make him love me enough to want to be with me and never leave she asks. I wish I could advise you me lady but don’t be a baby, maybe we could sing him a lullaby.

‘…He loves you he loves you not because perfect love casts out fear; but Perhaps this Samson is so smitten by you he is running away, ‘so he won’t sleep in your arms O Delilah lest he wakes up and finds his strength gone.

O Samson, be very careful, emotions are not a switch, that you flip on and off.

One minute you tell me I mean the world to you, the next you don’t want to talk to me. It breaks my heart.

I can no longer cope with this! Why did we even start?

I wish we could part. I have spoken to my heart, you will not be maimed by the untamed guy’s games, Whether he be lame or he’s got fame;

So I will buffer my emotions and steel my frame.

Remember a woman scorned is worse than hell, quit playing games with my heart.

Save the sweet words for another girl because unlike Delilah, I do not wish to sell you to my kith.

Listen Samson, you can rest your head in my laps, I promise I will not call your enemies in; That would be a sin.

I just want to see you lean on me and regain your strength so you can go battle again.

At least I wish.

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