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Nigeria and Religion, the Best or Worst Mix?

Everyone is talking about the recent killing in Nigeria by the notorious “Boko-ish peeps”, whose main aims and objectives are trying to turn the Whole nation into an Islamist country.

I know many fingers would be pointing at the President for letting the situation linger far too long, and while some are wishing he would take a BOLD step and stop the disturbances (that is if he hasn’t already taken more than hundred steps), others are pointing their full body at “RELIGION”.

Yes! religion, it is because of religion that all these are happening init? All these killings, and all the fighting, etc. Even from the days of old, one religion against the other; talk about Hitler who hated the Jews; tututuutut SMH.

What do you say though? who do you think should be blamed for these catastrophe? Could it be lack of knowledge? Uneducated folks having easy access to dangerous ammunitions? It seems to be appearing on the surface of the water, churches and pastors that are using biblical scriptures to support the fact that Christians too should protect themselves with these evil weapons.

And when you want to consider the history of the country Nigeria, it seems as though the foundation which was not properly built has led to today’s frustration.

What if Lord Frederick Lugard had never joined those three provinces together (IGBO, YORUBA AND HAUSA TRIBES)? what if the Christian or the Islam evangelist never came to Africa?

What if the Government had set a good educational system that instilled upon children all around the country with the right mentality and western civilization instead of embezzling money and leaving the public to suffer?

What If colonization never took place? what if?!!!

A lecturer of mine once said this in class, “if I were to become the president of Nigeria, I would divide the country back to its former 3 provinces before Lugard came over”, personally, I concur!!; but he also added that he might die in the operation though, lol.. I agree with that as well.

What do thou sayeth???

(let your views be heard, drop your comments below)

signing out: AOJ

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