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Be a Yale Young African Scholar– Tona Akerele

Yale Young African Scholars is a prestigious program for any students on the African continent in grades 10 and 11 that are looking to widen their perspectives and open themselves to more opportunities! My Experience With The Program Yale Young African Scholars has been going on for about 3 years, I was able to participate in last year’s program. The venue, living spaces, and experiences far exceeded my expectations for the program and I would recommend it to anyone anywhere. The locations this year are Rwanda, Ghana, and Mauritius. African students, explore your own continent a little and apply NOW. Check out their website here and also check out my video explaining the program and requirements. xxx Tona

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Nigeria and Religion, the Best or Worst Mix?

Everyone is talking about the recent killing in Nigeria by the notorious “Boko-ish peeps”, whose main aims and objectives are trying to turn the Whole nation into an Islamist country. I know many fingers would be pointing at the President for letting the situation linger far too long, and while some are wishing he would take a BOLD step and stop the disturbances (that is if he hasn’t already taken more than hundred steps), others are pointing their full body at “RELIGION”.

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