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My First ooking Experience

My First Cooking Experience

My First Cooking experience, Began when I was around nine years, when I could Cook Noodles!

I started picking interest and one day, I saw my mother make Baby Milk for my little brother. So I had set my mind focused to make the milk and even make better one lool.

I remember when my mother was asleep, and my baby bro had been crying, I had wished I knew how to make his milk.

I had quickly turned on the kettle and brought the bottle and Baby milk out. As I was pouring the hot water from the kettle, It had spilled everywhere but the bottle.

As lucky as I was, It hadn’t gone anywhere on me. I was only eight then.

Soon after that, my mother woke up and came to me and saw the mess that I was trying to clean and quickly took me to the room to check if I was okay.

Soon after that, she had helped me clean up the water I had made. Then gradually as my other brothers were growing, she had taught me everything I needed to know, especially Making Baby milk!

I know as a Tenager, I can cook loads of fun stuff, and bake too! My father is however an excellent baker. Most of the times, when he is cooking, we make fun videos and how to cook videos and post them on YouTube.

He has a blog too! Lactronics.com. The things around me are inspirations especially my family.

Now you know how my first ever cooking experience went. But I tell you, I can cook a storm now.

Soon you will see my YouTube videos, where I am cooking.

Are you a Teenager or a grown up, how was your first ever cooking experience? Please I would like to know.


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