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Meet Julie Montana – The Young Talent

Juliet (Julie Montana) Profile

Hi my name is Juliet. I am a talented teenager, who loves the Lord and His ways.

I started singing when I was 1 or 2 years old, but most of my relatives say I was singing in my mother’s womb…

In 2014, I was a contestant of the Treasures Unravelled (TU Gospel Talent Hunt), and I really enjoyed the talent show.

The essence of auditioning was for me to get heard; for me to “sing the word of The Lord” instead of talking. I prefer spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through singing, because it is a way to pass on information, education while entertaining people.

I love singing, acting dancing and modelling. So I started my first performance class when I was 2+. My first class was in a sing and dance school in Skerries, County Dublin. I would have loved to tell you about my first class but unfortunately I don’t remember! Lool

I was also a member of a sing and dance class in Balbriggan, County Dublin. I’ve been in the school choir since Junior infants until 6th class. I’ve gotten solo’s in the school choir a lot.

In 2013, I was a finalist in a talent show called the Royal Talent show, Ireland. I’ve also been in Balbriggan Got Talent and All School Stars Talent Show, Ireland.

I perform from time to time in my Church, RCCG Open Heavens, Dublin as a solo artist, I also sing in other Churches as a solo artist from time to time too.

What I love about God and Gospel Music

JullieI am in love with all types of Gospel music (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, etc…etc…etc

I hope to be very successful in my career and to be singing with loads of people, see loads of celebs and Gospels celebs too!

Hey, I want to be closer to God and sing His songs and that people would be asking me for my autograph.

My Music writing Career

Things that make me a bit down about my music career is that I can’t write a song that well. If I try to write a song, I’ll only write the first verse and chorus and won’t be able to finish it. Most of the times, my relatives help me out, which is one thing I’m not looking forward to during my career…. .SONGWRITING!

But I know that someday, God is going to change this story!

I just thank God for my family, for myself and everybody I bless all!

#COMMENT: I hope to keep singing and not to be discouraged, because “You are never too small to do something big :)” ~ Julie Montana 2014

God Bless you All!

So what do you love to do? Just drop a line in the comment Box and let me know.

About Juliet Montana

Welcome to my blog. I am a Teenager with a talent and dream to do something big for the world. There are so many Things I want to become, A doctor, A singer, An actress, A model And A dancer. My Mother recommends me becoming a Barista (Lawyer) Because I’m very good at English and debating but I, Personally, Wouldn’t think I would fit in that criteria. I am here to express myself through my Articles, so chill and enjoy.
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