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Ladies, Its time to pamper Yourselves – By Ola Udensi

I took myself out to a restaurant and I got a call from a friend asking me where I was, I stated that I was at a restaurant. She was like” By yourself??”…and I’m like…”YES” by myself..What’s wrong with that? The reply I got was…Nawa o…u dey on bigger girls’ level!!

That was the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. What does “bigger girl’s levels” have to do with me taking myself out?

After the phone conversation, I started thinking about some of the conversations I’ve had with people of my culture home and abroad, and I realized that the norm of the day is for a man to do everything for us.

Like seriously????? So …

  • a man has to take us to a restaurant…
  • a man has to take us to vacations…
  • a man has to take us shopping…
  • a man has to do this..
  • a man has to do that…..

What’s wrong with us women doing stuff for our ourselves? You might see it as a feminist approach or being independent, but there’s nothing wrong with US doing stuff for US. I mean it’s not bad when your man decides to give you heaven and earth; but don’t make it a norm.

C’mon now Sisters…… This isn’t the way to move forward. Ladies, Its time to pamper Yourselves by yourselves!!

On that note…Merry Xmas to my strong beautiful sisters from all races and religion, may God continue to bless you with all the good things life has to offer and Shout out to all the brothers who continue to encourage their women on their journey through life, may God continue to bless you and give you strength for us to lean on!!!!!! Deuces!

Written by Ola Udenma Udensi @proudlyAfrican2 

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