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WIN £70: Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse?

Social Media is the “In-thing”. If you are not on Social Media, you are missing and may be regarded as being in the Ice Age.

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms today and can be used is various ways. It has catapulted a lot of people to fame and given businesses an opportunity to advertise themselves to an even wider audience.

Social Media can also be a powerful tool for Young  Christians to connect with each other and with the world about their faith.

How good are you with the Social media?

Has your use of Social Media as a tool for Networking or furtherance of your Education, Lifestyle, Business etc become a hindrance to your Growth?

Has Social Media been a Blessing or a Curse in your Life, Business etc? Let us know your opinion. You have the chance to write and let us know how Social media has shaped your Life.

Interested in Writing about this Topic? Check out the following:

WIN £70: YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition – January

  • Competition PRIZE: £70.00
  • Entries Opens: 31st January, 2016
  • Entries Closes: 29th February, 2016
  • Voting Starts: 1st March, 2016
  • Voting Ends 31st March, 2016
  • Results/Winner Announced 1 April, 2016
  • Location Restrictions: Open to All Geo-locations (Worldwide)
  • Age restrictions: Open to People from 18 Years and Above.

Anyone below 18 Years can enter, BUT MUST submit a Consent Form signed by a Parent/Guardian.

Please see the following Links: Essay Competition Rules.

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