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PS I Love You

PS: I Love You Because You Set My Heart Ablaze!

PS I Love YouPS: I love you – you wouldn’t write that in a letter to your boss or your lecturer would you?

PS: is “postscript” from the Latin “post scriptum” meaning after writing or after the letter is written. More like an afterthought. Sort of like indicating something you forgot to mention in the letter.

So why is it that a select few merit our reminder of an assurance of our love for them and who qualifies for our affectionate PS’s and why?

Many reasons come to mind. For one it could be the traditional sign-off for an affectionate couple for which over time a sudden absence of this postscript in a note or letter may temporarily induce concern or worry.

It may be a meaningless addition by some people which barely gets an acknowledgement from the recipient.

Iit could also be an important statement that is added out of real necessity after a rather serious admonishment or harsh correction to remind the reader of purely benevolent intentions.

Is Love often misunderstood?

This question, which is age long, brings me to my next point. Why is this statement of Love often misused?

  • Could it be for the simple fact that the statement itself is often misunderstood by the users themselves?
  • Can they even define love? Do they have the slightest idea what love is?
  • Have they ever lived in love?
  • Have they ever really loved somebody, especially somebody who clearly never loved them back?

I am not an expert in love and by all means I am still ever growing in knowledge of what love is.

I used to think love was that feeling you got when that wonderful young man with all the desirable qualities in the World called you by your pet name; bought you gifts; kept you awake at night on the phone simply just because he wanted to hear your voice etc.

Do not misunderstand me, those things aren’t wrong in themselves, in fact affection is a huge part of love when it is done at the right time and in the right direction, with the right mindset!

Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes loving someone could lead you NOT to show affection? Love in itself is not ‘affection’. Love, when properly and fully understood, can be the most beautiful thing ever experienced – in fact the Bible says it will last forever.

Love is sacrificial and serving. It is not primarily intended to benefit it’s giver but it’s recipient is it’s central focus. The benefit to the giver is a bonus and a reward!

Love makes you think of what will benefit another or others without thinking for a moment of how it would impact you. Did Jesus shrink back from giving His ALL, His LIFE because of His throne? Was He guaranteed your love in return? TRUE love looks at the bigger picture. Which is why I believe in ‘Tough/True Love’.

Is there True Love?

  • True love means you tell someone the truth even if their ego might be bruised temporarily because you know their pride will be restored eventually.
  • True love means that even though you desperately want to speak to that person for hours, you forgo calling that night because you want them to get as much rest that night before a test.
  • True love is when your parents (mostly well intentioned) would chastise you and forbid you from going to certain places.
  • True love also means spending time, money and resources on somebody without expecting anything in return.
  • True love is applicable in different ways depending on the circumstance.

The Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 gives the highest standard and principle on which love is based.

  • Love is patient:
    • Are you willing to wait for that person?
    • Can you keep giving what you are giving to see to it that they improve?
  • Love is kind:
    • Love does not rejoice over evil…all in all the summary of it shows that Love is never selfish.

When I look in retrospect at the actions of those who have ever claimed to love me, I can mostly make the distinction between actions done in love versus selfishness, infatuation and lust.

Most of those who acted out of love for me exhibited an element of wisdom or at least proved that careful thought was put into their decisions.

Those who didn’t could not give a sincere logical beneficial reason, neither could I come up with one for them.

At the time I couldn’t understand the basis for some tough decisions made for me but now, at the right time, with more understanding I am filled with deep appreciation.

So before you think of telling someone you love them, or setting hearts ablaze with the L-word, question your sincerity and your understanding; do you mean it?

In all I will say – P.S. I Love You!!

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