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WIN £70: How Do I want to be treated when I’m Married?

Marriage or being married is the Dream of every Child. Many a times, children observe their parents. They take in every word and actions that are exhibited by their parents.They observe how their Parents treat each other and how happy they are in their marriage.

Every Child, Teenager, Youth or adult love good things. We all dream of being married to that man or woman of our Dreams, One who would constantly take Our breath away. That person that would always give the chills of love and make our Hearts to miss a bit when we remember them.

But in life, things don’t usually go as we envisage them. Things don’t always go from our dreams to become reality. But there are things that will always become reality – Our attitude towards ourselves and Our friends. These attitudes if not well checked, would either lead us to a good life or a damaged future.

Do you want to get married?

  • How do you want to be treated by your Spouse?
  • Do you want to be treated like a King or Queen?
  • Do you exhibit the characteristics of who who think you are and who you want to be treated as?

You have been given the Cinderella moment, envisage how you want your own family to be in future.

  • What do you think is wrong in Our Society today.
  • What do you think that needs to be corrected, and
  • What are the ways you think these can be done right.

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WIN £70: YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition – January

  • Competition PRIZE: £70.00
  • Entries Opens: 31st January, 2016
  • Entries Closes: 29th February, 2016
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  • Results/Winner Announced 1 April, 2016
  • Location Restrictions: Open to All Geo-locations (Worldwide)
  • Age restrictions: Open to People from 18 Years and Above.

Anyone below 18 Years can enter, BUT MUST submit a Consent Form signed by a Parent/Guardian.

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