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Convenient Company isn’t always Good Company– Tona Akerele

The Dog and the Dingo “Dogs are a man’s best friend,” Chum used to hum to himself before everything; before the drought and before the famine that followed. It was never revealed, however, when this companionship would end. Now, as he laid in his tattered attire, Chum found himself realising that man has neglected him; tossed him to the kerb to suffer– but Chum understood; they could barely take care of themselves. The sun danced on Chum’s face and a tear slipped out of his eye; he sat pondering. He loved the man and hoped that once his family found him in the corner battered like he was a mouse and the world was a cat, surely they would take him back in. On a cold and stormy night, lay a lonely dog filled with much fright; the dog was Chum. Sad and distressed he was spotted by Sachem, the leader of the pack of dingos. “Do you seek nourishment?” ...

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Be my Night Light

The world at night where darkness draws the curtains on the light For tired souls,it is a welcome sight When we can our burdens alight But instead of rest To some it becomes a time of unrest Because the robber comes under cover And evil sometimes hover Nights means adversity In your light will become an advantage Tribulation challenges to promotion Hard times are part of human beings when the right No trial no triumph Stress that pushes to the wall May the wall not fall but may we recall The wilderness is still the road to Canaan And every work of God is terribly opposed Every territory occupied by evil is  Left or right Whatever the Plight O Night Light Be my sight

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Eliminate them Haters…

Eliminate dem Haters

Haters are people of shallow minds. They are with no moral background. Join Tona Akerele to know how to Identify and eliminate Haters in your life.

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WIN £70: An Advice to my Friends Overseas [Pigeon English]


Friends are treasures. But when your friends become complacent on updating their lives, How do you manage to get them round to use their heads?

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WIN £70: How do You Deal with Regrets?

Be committed and have no regrets

Regrets are common in lives. many of us have made mistakes we wish we could take back Have you ever had cause to regret anything? How do you handle regrets?

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WIN £70: The Dangers of Procrastination


Procrastination can be positive or negative. What are the Dangers of Procrastination in your own terms? Can you help someone who lives in Procrastination

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Meet Julie Montana – The Young Talent


I love singing, acting dancing and modelling. You are never too small to do something big :)” ~ Julie Montana 2014

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Tunde Esho’s New Andriod App

Tunde Esho, a Musician/Producer of great repute is in the news once again. This time Tunde Esho's has burst the bubble with his new Android App!!!

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The Ultimate People Pleaser

Surround yourself with these people. You are indefinable. You are the only one in this world who gets to say who you are. Circumstances and the opinions of others can only define you if you allow them to.

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Oh baby! Please my love! Let’s do WEEWEECHU!


Oh baby! Please my love! Let's do WEEWEECHU!

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