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Eliminate dem Haters

Eliminate them Haters…

We’ve all faced some teasing or bullying of some sort. Well it’s time to eliminate the haters!!

If you want to learn how to overcome and eliminate the people bringing you down, follow this step by step process to success and happiness within.

Proceed if you want to build confidence and ELIMINATE THEM HATER #EliminateTheHate#HatersbeHating #PotatoesbePotating

How to Eliminate the Haters


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Tona Akerele is a 15 year old student that has a passion for writing. She is involved in a lot of clubs such as Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. So far, she has traveled for all WAISAL (West African International School's League) trips. She is a member of The Student Council, and is the current president of NJHS (National Junior Honors Society). Tona Akerele enjoys helping others and has been involved in a lot of fundraisers such as the annual AIDS Run-Walk held at her school. Tona has also just recently began a Youtube channel that focuses mainly on natural hair but also involves a wide rang of topics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWP1s8tAA2rnDPMbPiVW9Q Tona is a young and aspiring writer that's focused not only on her academics but on the world around her as well.
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