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Copyright Policy

Copyright Issues

We take issues of Privacy and Copyright violation very serious. We will terminate any agreement or otherwise with any Article Author or Guest Blogger, Guest Writer etc, if it is proven beyond reasonable doubts that their creative works infringe any or all Copyrights of another.

Please note that in most cases, we would not be obliged to notify you of our reasons to terminate our relationship with you.

It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that you update yourself with any changes in our Copyright Policy or Privacy Policy.

Termination of any relationship with YoutBuzz Network may not be subject to reinstatement, even after the reasons may have been communicated and corrected.


We hate spams and therefore we do not encourage spamming of any kind.

All emails associated with Your Articles as a Guest/Competition/Contributing Blogger/Writer or Author must be approved from YoutBuzz Network and must contain the specialized links which must be sent to person or persons that are known to the sender, and a copy of same forwarded to SPAM [@] youtBuzz.net.

Should YoutBuzz Network or any of our Associated Site receive any spam complaints, we will do our possible best to investigate same to a possible conclusion and our relationship with the person or persons involved would be terminated with immediate effect.

Email Campaigns:

All emails campaigns must be in the Official format as communicated to all participating members via our Official competition email address.

Any tampering with any or associated links or contents within the email(s) without prior authorisation, would be penalized and may lead to termination of our relationship with same.

We reserve the rights to remove, delete or modify these Rules as we deem fit without prior notice. So please always visit our Copyright Policy page, Privacy Policy Page, or Our Terms of Use page to avail yourself of these changes.

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