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Convenient Company isn’t always Good Company– Tona Akerele

The Dog and the Dingo

“Dogs are a man’s best friend,” Chum used to hum to himself before everything; before the drought and before the famine that followed.

It was never revealed, however, when this companionship would end.

Now, as he laid in his tattered attire, Chum found himself realising that man has neglected him; tossed him to the kerb to suffer– but Chum understood; they could barely take care of themselves.

The sun danced on Chum’s face and a tear slipped out of his eye; he sat pondering.

He loved the man and hoped that once his family found him in the corner battered like he was a mouse and the world was a cat, surely they would take him back in.

On a cold and stormy night, lay a lonely dog filled with much fright; the dog was Chum. Sad and distressed he was spotted by Sachem, the leader of the pack of dingos.

  • “Do you seek nourishment?” the dingo slyly murmured into the dog’s ear.
  • “Do you seek community?” the dingo snarled to the dog.
  • “Do you seek shelter?” the dingo’s hissing sounded like music to the dog’s ears.

The dog knew the dingos; he knew their wicked and wayward ways, however, he also knew the hollowness that sang waves in the bosom of his pouch.

The dog’s reply was no surprise; who wouldn’t have complied? On terms known only by the two, the dog became a dingo too.

One night while on a hunt for food, the sachem, who was Sachem, devised a plan to secure some food. By midnight, their claws would strike as they prayed for the fate of their prey to be a mere parasite.

At the strike of the clock, Chum’s hands began to shiver – he was faced with two; not opponents but options with different routes.

His teeth sunk into raw flesh and blood spilt crimson into the brown dry dirt, and that was the moment Chum was no longer a chum – of humans so to say.

The act he had done, had gone against all he had grown to become. He felt no remorse, his belly rang and his conscious was clear.

“Mmmh, dinner,” Chum chimed as he smacked his lips and began to dine.

The bee, merely passing by, shook his head before uttering with a sigh “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

About Tona Akerele

Tona Akerele is a 15 year old student that has a passion for writing. She is involved in a lot of clubs such as Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. So far, she has traveled for all WAISAL (West African International School's League) trips. She is a member of The Student Council, and is the current president of NJHS (National Junior Honors Society). Tona Akerele enjoys helping others and has been involved in a lot of fundraisers such as the annual AIDS Run-Walk held at her school. Tona has also just recently began a Youtube channel that focuses mainly on natural hair but also involves a wide rang of topics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWP1s8tAA2rnDPMbPiVW9Q Tona is a young and aspiring writer that's focused not only on her academics but on the world around her as well.
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