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YoutBuzz as the name goes is a “Movement” that helps bring out the Buzz and Swag in every Teen and Youth of all ages. www.YoutBuzz.net is a platform that gives every Youth the opportunity to showcase their talents. We pride ourselves with giving everyone who desires to utilise their imaginative attributes to maximise their potentials.

WIN £70: YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition – January

YoutBuzz Competition

The YoutBuzz Network Essay Competition for January is here. You are given a chance to showcase your Intellectual Capacity in the area of writing Well Researched Articles and be in line to Win Great Prizes. Imagine if you were to land on a webpage and saw this lovely Article and the first few lines you read, you see “God this, God that, God is….” What comes to your mind? What goes through your mind? What does yourself tell you to do immediately? The truth is that as Young people, only a small percentage will go ahead and read through that Article. Others would just scroll down and find another link that seems much moderate/appropriate to their present mood. Yes I have done it, you have also done it countless of time. Don’t be shy, own up to your mistakes. I have done that and that’s why I am reaching out to you to do so too. As young people, how do ...

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WIN £70: An Advice to my Friends Overseas [Pigeon English]


Friends are treasures. But when your friends become complacent on updating their lives, How do you manage to get them round to use their heads?

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WIN £70: Do You Love Nollywood, Ghanawood or Firewood Movies?

Nollywood Reviews

Do you Love Nollywood, Gallywood or Firewood (African Movies), Do you think that Nollywood, Hollywood etc adds value to Our Lives? This is your chance....

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WIN £70: How Do I want to be treated when I’m Married?

Married and Singles

Being married is everyone's dreams. But as always, Dreams tends not to come as perceived. So how would you want to be treated when you get married?

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WIN £70: What is the Measure of your Self Esteem?

Self esteem

What could cause someone to have low self esteem? Is low self esteem a curse, sin or a sign that you are living outside the shadows of God.

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WIN £70: How do You Deal with Regrets?

Be committed and have no regrets

Regrets are common in lives. many of us have made mistakes we wish we could take back Have you ever had cause to regret anything? How do you handle regrets?

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WIN £70: Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse?

social media

Has Social Media been a Blessing or a Curse in your Life? Let us know your opinion. You have the chance to tell us how Social media has shaped your life

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WIN £70: The Dangers of Procrastination


Procrastination can be positive or negative. What are the Dangers of Procrastination in your own terms? Can you help someone who lives in Procrastination

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Tunde Esho’s New Andriod App

Tunde Esho, a Musician/Producer of great repute is in the news once again. This time Tunde Esho's has burst the bubble with his new Android App!!!

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When The Beats Drops – The Goats Have Them!


Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~Dale Carnegie

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