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Quit the games

The Guy: All I want is look into your eyes and get lost in them The Babe: Chuckles in delight. Heart fluttering with butterflies The guy disappears for another 10 days no communication. How can I make him love me enough to want to be with me and never leave she asks. I wish I could advise you me lady but don’t be a baby, maybe we could sing him a lullaby. ‘…He loves you he loves you not because perfect love casts out fear; but Perhaps this Samson is so smitten by you he is running away, ‘so he won’t sleep in your arms O Delilah lest he wakes up and finds his strength gone. O Samson, be very careful, emotions are not a switch, that you flip on and off. One minute you tell me I mean the world to you, the next you don’t want to talk to me. It breaks my heart. I can no longer ...

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Insecurities and wounds of past Relationships

From the wounds of past relationships and current contacts, I bleed from battering given and received. As a child, I thought life was a fairy tale, when home got too hot as a teenager, I spent hours dreaming of a world where things were easier and Momma would realise how grown I was. Where I’d be able to call the shots and create my own heaven, I ran off to Uni. But that had its own trapping of challenges. I managed to scrape through, surely marriage would be a cocoon from all the emotional upheavals- an emotional bed of roses. But it turned out to be fumental boxing ring Sometimes with the referee securely bound with blames. In it I thought all my insecurities would fade, But there my little pride farewell I bade. I have had my confidence shattered by the very one who gave me all that mattered. In desperation I withdrew into the only haven I knew. ...

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Be my Night Light

The world at night where darkness draws the curtains on the light For tired souls,it is a welcome sight When we can our burdens alight But instead of rest To some it becomes a time of unrest Because the robber comes under cover And evil sometimes hover Nights means adversity In your light will become an advantage Tribulation challenges to promotion Hard times are part of human beings when the right No trial no triumph Stress that pushes to the wall May the wall not fall but may we recall The wilderness is still the road to Canaan And every work of God is terribly opposed Every territory occupied by evil is  Left or right Whatever the Plight O Night Light Be my sight

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