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WIN £70: An Advice to my Friends Overseas [Pigeon English]

We all have Family and Friends who reside somewhere across the globe, whom we are very much proud of. Thus if a friend of yours who has been resident overseas for many years and has not been able to make any significant contributions to the Community he lives in or even at home.

Friends are treasures. They can be the best thing that has happened to you since the establishment of sliced bread factories, or the worst thing that has happened to you since World war Two.

Friends makes our life very easy. They help us to achieve Our objectives in life. They can also be a pain in the neck to us.

Who are your Friends?

Friends they say, “Makes the World Go Round”. But when your friends become complacent on updating their lives, they may pull you down to their levels so that you all can be at an equilibrium.

How do you manage to get them round to use their heads?

Write a short essay in pidgin English with the following Title: ‘Wetin you come Obodo Oyibo come do self?’

Raising some good arguments on why he needs to leave a sound legacy and make a difference in his community.

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  • Results/Winner Announced 1 April, 2016
  • Location Restrictions: Open to All Geo-locations (Worldwide)
  • Age restrictions: Open to People from 18 Years and Above.

Anyone below 18 Years can enter, BUT MUST submit a Consent Form signed by a Parent/Guardian.

Please see the following Links: Essay Competition Rules.

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