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Akpos the Mathematician

Akpos The Great Mathematics Champion

Akpos the MathematicianIn a Mathematics competition, the Host asked the following questions:

Prove that the expression is True: 2/10 = 2.

The Japanese student answered: “This is a Wrong question.”
The Chinese student exclaimed: “No Way!
The nicely dressed American student looked around in bewilderment and shouted: “It’s strange, how is it possible?
The African legend, the son of the Soil and the unbeatable Akpos rose up to the challenge and gave the following detailed Solution:
Two / Ten = wo / en
( T with T cancel )

If w = 23rd letter
o = 15th letter
e = 5th letter
n = 14th letter

This implies that: 23+15 / 5+14 = 38 / 19 = 2

Therefore 2/10 = 2.

The host fainted!

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