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Because You Love Me

PS: I love you: A Love Letter to you because you love me!

Because You Love Me

It has been a long time I spoke to you, well… Yes I know You love me; always talk to me and in fact you are still talking to me right now but I don’t want to give a response not because I am not listening… it’s… it’s… because I am angry…

Yea! I am pretty disappointed about how you handled the problem between us. Though I know You Love me so much, but all I wanted was to be sandwiched in peace with you even though I am guilty of my wrong but No!! You had to make everything all complicated and get other people involved and now I feel like a criminal faced by a no-empathy-jury just because I cheated on you and kissed the other guy. Gosh!

Even in my anger, your voice is ‘still and calm towards me’; I can hear you clearly saying to me: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and dine with you and you with me.”

Do you really Love me?

I remember you once told me how much you love me and how you can die for me all over again but getting other people involved in our relationship issues isn’t going to make things better. Urrgh!

Because You Love MeYes I can see your hands, and I can also see my name tattooed on them to show me how much you love me, but my heart is hardened right now, maybe I might just need you to “create in me a new heart”, but wait! Why should I though???

Not after making me say the truth to my parents… ppffftttt… I’ll talk to you later, this is just not the right time. Got to go now, ttyl!

P.S. I LOVE YOU… It’s a love letter!

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