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Lady of Honour

Poem: A Lady of Honour is Too Relevant to Discard

Lady of HonourLadies of Honour – Poem

This poem is specially dedicated to ALL Ladies who are honourable, live in honour, breath in honour, live right and are in right mind with God.

A lady can not be honourable if she does not have the qualities and attributes of He who gives honour – God Almighty.

God took special care in creating a woman, so you should also take special care to guide and guard God’s creative abilities – the Woman.

I do hope you will enjoy it and please drop your comments.

A lady of honour
Such a lady is embedded in true spiritual glamour
That which can only and commendably attract GOD’s favour
This in turn commands upon her, an excellent behaviour

A lady of Honour
Such is the type that all men preferably adore
Such is the type that great Men of GOD look out for
Such is the type that enemies run from because she puts upon her the spiritual armour for war

A lady of Honour
She looks not unto riches of men or wealthy contributions
She neither looks unto the riches of the world nor the ungodly counsel of evil ones
Yet sets her mind on the WORD, for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction…

A lady of Honour
As harmless as a Dove yet wise as a serpent
Slow to anger and a wonderful confidant
No man can compete with the lady who is brilliant yet humbles herself like a servant.

A Lady of Honour………Too Relevant to Discard

A great poem written by AOJ

If you are a Lady of Honour, please drop a comment below.

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